Unlimited Business Opportunity!

While most of this web site is of interest to those who consider buying our service, or who have done so already, this part is designed for those who might wish to sell it.

Previous sales experience is not essential (though it obviously helps.) Here's what you'd gain, were you to join us as an independent sales associate:-

One nice feature of the opportunity is that those physically disabled are just as well able to take it as those who are whole. If you can use a PC and a telephone, you can do this!

Your prospects would be almost any establishment that serves residents in any local US community; retailers, professionals, churches, hospitals... You would reach them by phone, perhaps after visiting local establishments in person for a period, to "catch the flavor" of the work.

The product is a service to enable them to advertise to newcomers to their area by mail - not the "Welcome Wagon", but an alternative that is more direct and less expensive. Newcomers are uniquely unaware of, and uncommitted to, what's on offer - so form the most responsive potential customers for any local service.

In order to participate and earn, you'll need to introduce our service to your prospect and motivate him to explore our web site and submit a request for a "Free Custom Proposal" naming you as his "referrer". I would then follow up the prospect to answer his questions and encourage him to proceed, and then of course fulfill his order every month until he says otherwise. You could well follow-up also, to the extent that you found it a good use of your time.

The blue button below takes you to the main part of the C-AM web site (the part your prospects will explore) so it's a good idea now to become familiar with that - it shows the proposition that you would be offering to them. (If you get lost, navigate back here via and its "Business Opportunity" button - best make a note.)

You'll find that it starts with web pages that express our offered service in words appropriate to each of several different kinds of potential user (churches, clinics, retailers...) and that all of them link to a part of the web site in which other pages describe how things work - for all types of customer.

Then, when you're somewhat familiar with that, return here to email me with your remaining questions, and after answering those, I'll ask for your agreement to the terms and conditions (button below) and you can get to work.

Here are the qualities and factors that will lead to the best success:

How well do you fit that pattern? Take a look at the other pages below and let me know.

Jim Davies, Owner
(Email me)

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